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Report: employee assisted in armed robbery at West Rome Burger King

Monday, Mar. 6, 2023–6:20 p.m.

-Rome Police Department-

Derricuc Jamar Wade

An employee at Burger King is accused of assisting in an armed robbery at the fast food restaurant in West Rome Sunday night.

According to Floyd County Jail records and a Rome Police Department report:

33-year-old Derricus Jamar Wade of Rome showed up at his workplace after-hours, stating he was hungry and asking the manager to cook him a burger.

The manager let Wade in, and as the burger was being cooked, Wade went to the back door and let in two men.

The men, who were armed with guns, took $3,350 in cash and demanded the security tapes.

The manager did not know where the security hard drive was located so he gave the men four electronic boxes to appease them.

It was later found out that those electronic boxes were control modules for the food display, meaning the security footage of the incident was preserved.

The suspects then left the business through the back door.

Wade is charged with armed robbery.