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[VIDEO] FCPD presents first-ever Citizenship Award to two Model Seniors

February 23rd, 2022 – 6:15 PM

Ethan Garrett – WRGA Digital News Editor & Video Reporter –

From the Floyd County Police Department:

Two Model students are winners of the first citizenship awards presented by the Floyd County Police Department. They have presented the achievements by the police chief during a small ceremony at the police department.

Brewer Blalock and Briggs Poyner were presented with the awards in honor of their kindness and
acts of compassion following a wreck they witnessed on February 1 while driving to a basketball game.
The high school seniors witnessed a car run off the road and flip several times in front of them. The boys
were horrified by the crash but without hesitation, they ran over to make sure the driver and passenger
were safe.

Blalock called 911 but both students remained with the wreckage and the victims until the
ambulance arrived. They showed compassion and empathy for others by calming the crash victims and
ensuring their safety.

“The police department is proud of these young men,” said Chief Mark Wallace. “Their actions give
us assurance that our community is in capable hands and that good citizenship will prosper long after
we’re gone.”

Fortunately, the two crash victims escaped with only minor cuts and bruises, but “we’re definitely
shaken up as they were trapped inside the car until firefighters were able to get them out,” said Ginger
, school resource officer for Model Schools.

Shelly nominated the students for the award, saying that it was a good coincidence the boys were able
to witness the wreck and render aid, but joked that it was “neon night” at the game and the good citizens
were already fitted with high visibility gear.

“Briggs and Brewer are both amazing young men who have great hearts and this night demonstrated
their character,” Shelly said.