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Committee discusses redevelopment on North Broad

February 16, 2022–10:51 a.m.


Yesterday, we told you that the Rome Redevelopment Committee showed an interest in possibly establishing a Tax Allocation District along the Martha Berry Boulevard corridor, but that’s not the only area where the committee has an interest in redevelopment.

Committee chair Jim Bojo said the city needs to look at North Rome, from Calhoun Avenue, north, or maybe even a little before that, coming off of Broad Street.

“This is something we’re going to have to talk about,” he said.  “To my knowledge, we really don’t have anybody looking to do anything up that way right now.  I did have one developer tell me when we were talking about Martha Berry, I asked if they would be interested in looking at North Broad, and he said ‘oh yeah, we’ll definitely look at it but he said for us to do that, it would have to be a TAD.”

The committee talked about other options besides a TAD, including taking a more modular approach and a business incubator in the area.

City Manager Sammy Rich is expected to get the firm looking at the Martha Berry TAD to also look at North Broad and come back with some analysis.