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Operation and management agreement for Barron Stadium reached

August 4, 2021–3:39 p.m.


Following negotiations and sometimes heated discourse, an agreement for the Rome City School System’s operation and maintenance of Barron Stadium has been reached.

Rome City Manager Sammy Rich presented the document to the General Administration Committee on Wednesday.

He said in the grand scheme of things, the agreement is not drastically different than the original.

“There are a couple of changes,” he added.  “One, is we’ve created a facilities committee that has representation from the school’s district athletic director and high school’s athletic director.  In addition, we have our tourism director and our sports coordinator on the committee, which is going to work together as we talk about a shared community calendar.  Just so we can better coordinate events and other events outside of the typical Rome City School uses of the facilities.”

The agreement also encompasses Legion Field behind the levee and the Throws Center on Riverside Parkway.

“What was recommended in general administration today will go to the full city commission on August 16, and that’s a two-year agreement with Rome City Schools.”

The agreement has an option for a two-year extension.

It was also announced at the meeting Shorter University will be playing at Barron Stadium again this fall.

Details of the formal agreement between Shorter and RCS are still being worked out.