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Main Elementary and Exchange Club receive Adopt-A-Mile award

June 15, 2021–9:06 p.m.


The students of Main Elementary can enjoy their summer knowing that they have taken positive action and greatly contributed to their community, to the point of recognition. Embraced in partnership with the Exchange Club of Rome, Main Elementary has had the privilege to participate in the Adopt-A-Mile program and together they have been recognized by the program on a state level for doing so.

Exchange Club Community Service Chairperson, Bill King, said that when he considered the adopted one-mile stretch along Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. that includes the Coosa Valley Fairgrounds and Main Elementary, his first thought was to include the students.

“I immediately thought,” King said, “‘well let’s involve the school too; they’re right down the road from us on that mile.’ We need to be partnering with the youth to help them understand the importance of keeping our areas clean and nice for everybody to see, not just for our local people but also for visitors coming in. It shows pride in our community.”

In order to be qualified for the award, King said, they had to have at least four cleanups during the year. He also said that the Exchange Club was more than happy to contribute the entry fee of $250 for the project.

This Adopt-A-Mile project was also in collaboration with Keep Rome-Floyd Beautiful as they oversee the program here in Rome.

King said that his pride for Main Elementary and their work on this mile is close to his heart as his association with Main dates all the way back to the 1960s.

Main Elementary Principal, Dr. LaRoyceSublett, explained that this type of project is a great model and an important experience for the students as they follow their future paths.

“As our kids go on to middle school and high school, and then get ready to graduate, they are going to have some activities where they do service. That’s going to be important when they’re considering college and career choices. We have to model that, and it needs to start right here in elementary school.”

Dr. Sublett said he is extremely grateful for Main to have been a part of this project and he looks forward to many years of involvement in this program. King said that the Exchange Club will have their one-mile stretch for as long as they keep it clean.

“When I see something like this taking place,” Main Elementary Assistant Principal, Dr. Eric Robertson, said, “the village approach comes to mind. It takes a village to raise a child, to train a child. This project brings about cohesiveness. That really makes me feel good to start working with a school that values working as a team; together everyone achieves more.”