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City of Menlo looking into alcohol sales

March 29th, 2021 – 2:30 PM

WZQZ Radio –

(Photo and Article via WZQZ Radio) The City of Menlo may soon join Chattooga County’s other three municipalities and the county government in allowing alcohol sales inside the city limits.  Currently, Menlo is the only “dry town” left in Chattooga County.

Alcohol customers don’t have to look too far to find alcohol sales – a convenience store less than a mile from the city limits sells beer and wine and there are two stores at Cloudland that sell beer and wine.

But the City of Menlo may go a step farther than just allowing beer and wine sales.  The Menlo City Council is asking their city attorney to draw up an alcohol ordinance, but they are also considering allowing Menlo voters to determine if liquor sales could become legal as well.

Currently, the only place to buy liquor in Chattooga County is in the Town of Lyerly.

Reportedly, the new owners of the Handi-Mart, which has been closed for some time but is slated to reopen, are requesting that the City of Menlo allow them to sell liquor.

A measure to request that the city attorney come up with an alcohol ordinance recently passed the Menlo City Council by a vote of 4-1.