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Floyd Commission votes down ULDC amendment regarding chickens

March 23, 2021–10:23 p.m.


Following a public hearing Tuesday night, the Floyd County Commission voted down an amendment to the Unified Development Code that would have set regulations for keeping chickens in the agricultural residential and suburban residential zoning districts.

Commission Chair Scotty Hancock spoke prior to the vote to keep the rules as they are now.

“Just know the intent of this commission was never to make it more difficult, I promise you,” he said.  “It was to try and loosen the restrictions so you wouldn’t have to get a special use permit to have hens in your back yard.  That’s the way the law is today.  So, if you’re not zoned agricultural, that’s what you’re supposed to do.  However, it seems to me that people would rather it just be like it is, and we may be able to deal with it on a case-by-case basis.”

In other action, the commission approved a Memorandum of Understanding with International Paper to create a funding source for approximately fifteen trees to be planted annually in the Rome-Floyd County Parks & Recreation Department’s outdoor parks.

The plantings will take place during the month of February for the next four years.

“They have already proceeded on the first planting,” said Floyd County Manager Jamie McCord. “We will celebrate those on National Arbor Day each year in April.  This is a great partnership.”

The commission also the fee schedule for the Forum River Center, which will take effect for 2022 bookings.