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Floyd County Government gives Voting Recount Information

November 12th, 2020 – 3:20 PM

Floyd County Government –


“We are still awaiting guidance from the Secretary of State’s office for the specifics of how the recount should proceed. As a result, the plans on the county level are still in flux. We will update the public when more details emerge.

While we await these details, we are putting plans in place to implement the recount. We are assembling a team of veteran poll workers and election officials to process the recounting of votes.

The tentative location will be the Community Room in the Floyd County Administration Building. Our goal is to make this as transparent and accessible to the public as possible.

We are working on a plan to livestream the event. This will be done so that we can reduce crowding in the building and ensure a safe and calm working environment for our workers. We will start the recount as soon as possible.

While we have been given a very short deadline to complete this task, we will make all efforts to comply. However, accuracy and security will take precedence over speed.”