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Lookout Mountain CASA Looking For Volunteer Advocates

December 28th, 2019

WZQZ Radio –

Lookout Mountain CASA is looking for more volunteer advocates.  Are you the next HERO in a foster child’s life?  Right now there are over 200 children in the Lookout Mountain jurisdiction who are living in foster care.

They say that it takes a village to raise a child, and right now, these kids could really use their village.  It can be scary to be in foster care. Children come into foster care by no fault of their own and typically are found to be victims of abuse and/or deprivation.  This is where you come into their story.

CASA volunteers are trained as court advocates for foster children, they are their voice!  CASA volunteers are able to be involved in the lives of their children in a way that is meaningful and has a lasting impact.  CASA volunteers are the voice of children who have been overlooked, neglected, and hurt.  They are a daily example of what it means to love your neighbors and an inspiration for the community to work hard at taking care of each other.

Begin your NEW YEAR with a resolution to BE THE CHANGE, make a Difference in a Child’s STORY!  Learn how to join the CASA team by calling Ashley Shelton at (404)723-1420.