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[WATCH] Four dogs trapped in the Between the Rivers neighborhood

September 17, 2019–2:22 p.m.


Over the last several weeks, residents of the Between the Rivers Neighborhood have reported cats, and even two small deer being killed.

The culprits appear to be a pack of wild dogs.

Animal control officers and off-duty police officers have been patrolling the area around the clock.

So far, four dogs have been trapped in the neighborhood, the latest two on Tuesday behind St. Mary’s School.

Floyd County Public Animal Welfare Services Director Jeff Mitchell added they also trapped a coyote in the area behind Home Depot.

Darting equipment with the ability to track the dogs has been ordered.

The equipment has a digital receiver that will pick up a signal so officers will be able to find and capture the animal while it is still asleep.

Mitchell said the big issue they have been facing without the tracking equipment is that it takes about 10 minutes for the tranquilizer to work, giving the dogs time to run into the woods, eluding animal control officers.