Arrests include a woman charged for obstructing officers after shoplifting and a man charged with burglary.
A selection of videos from the processional to honor Barry Sutton.
Three men were arrested in February trying to purchase weapons of mass destruction
Rep, Dempsey, along with other appointees to the commission, was sworn into the commission by the governor on August 27 at the State Capitol.
Sutton was killed in Afghanistan last week.
The interior is completely destroyed and the ceiling could cave in, according to the fire marshal.
Randy Len Warren used the date of birth of another at a local pharmacy in March 2014.
The plan was to purchase property across the street from the school, but that could exceed $2 million.
A confrontation with Floyd County Police that occurred last year has landed a man in jail on multiple charges.
According to Floyd County Jail records, 30-year old Denver Fentoa Allen, of Webb Drive in Cartersville, is charged with murder.
Tim Hensley with the school system said the hope is to schedule four Local School Governance Council meetings, one in each district, in September.
Sgt. Barry Sutton was killed on Saturday, August 22 and will return to Rome on Friday, August 28.
The Georgia Department of Labor will help Sleep Inn & Main Stay Suites hire a 25-member staff for a new hotel set to open next month in Bartow County.
The sting was conducted on Thursday
The 18th annual First-Year Service Day will be Saturday, August 29.


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