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Tofu McNuggets Available in Japan

Jul 30, 2014 -- 4:07pm


McDonald's just might have become a tofu lover's fast food delight.

Attributed to the fallout from a Chinese food supplier (though some are claiming the move was planned well in advance) sending rotten meat to restaurant chains, McDonald's in Japan decided to play it safe and chicken-free by turning to tofu.

They premiered today (July 39) in Japan, and they're made completely of tofu, called Tofu Shinjo Nuggets.. Some are saying it's a sign of the end times, and it may be.


The Tofu Shinjo Nugget creation is a crazy-looking combination of tofu, vegetables and a deep-fryer. Specifically, a McDonald's spokesperson told the Wall Street Journal that the ingredients are something like, "vegetable-studded patties concocted from a mix of soybeans, onions, carrots, and shinjo, a sort of starch–fish paste concoction." So a note to vegetarians: they are NOT vegetarian. 

But if you're interested in trying out the nuggets, they'll only be available from this Wednesday until September. For just $2.44, you can purchase four nuggets and try out these little dippers (with ginger-flavored dipping sauce) for yourself. That is, if you're in Japan. (

Mom dresses 4-year-old in Hooters outfit for beauty pageant

Jul 30, 2014 -- 3:54pm


LONDON — A woman in England is receiving criticism after dressing her 4-year-old daughter as a Hooters waitress for a beauty pageant.

According to Gawker, Leann and her daughter Scarlett were featured on a documentary called “Blinging Up Baby.”

The mother created the outfit and thought it was a cute idea, but critics are complaining that it’s not appropriate for a 4-year-old.

“Some people may say it’s controversial, especially the theme I’ve chosen, but at the end of the day, little girls wear swimming costumes to the beach all summer, and that’s not a controlled environment,” Leann said. “The environment my kids go in is a controlled environment and it is ticket-entry only.”


Look What She Learned In Anger Management: Funnest Video Ever -- A Must Watch!

Jul 23, 2014 -- 3:20pm

This is the funniest thing I've seen in awhile. Apparently this woman is taking anger management classes and part of her therapy is humming when she's mad.


Man Sets World Record With Most Homer Simpson Tattoos

Jul 22, 2014 -- 4:19pm


To paraphrase Homer Simpson: If you want to remember something, get a tattoo.

Lee Weir probably doesn't need any more reminders of how awesome he is. The 27-year-old New Zealand man has set a Guinness World Record for "most tattoos of the same cartoon character tattooed on the body" with his Homer Simpson sleeve.

According to Guinness World Records:

Lee has 41 tattoos of Homer in total, each representing Bart’s dad in various states, including Homer as a jack-in-the box, the Grim Reaper, in an elephant suit, as the Hulk, and even Homer as a donut.

The UK's Daily Mirror noted that Weir decided to get the tattoos in part because his father, who he described as a "real-life Ned Flanders" (Homer's annoyingly nice neighbor on the long-running animated series), forbade him to watch the show as a kid.

Weir told Guinness that he paid for the tattoos with money he saved abstaining from booze for a year.

Starbucks Gives Employee 30 Days To Remove Her Tattoo Or Resign

Jul 21, 2014 -- 5:27pm


A Michigan Starbucks worker says her job is on the line after her corporate bosses disapproved of a small heart tattoo located on her hand.

27-year-old Kayla says she’s worked at the same Starbucks location for years, and her small tattoo has never been a problem, but now, her corporate bosses told her she has to have it removed or possibly lose her job.

"What I was told by my manager and my district manager was that you have 30 days to begin a removal process for the tattoo or you must resign from your job,” Kayla told My Fox Detroit.

Kayla claims that she’s been putting makeup on the tattoo to cover it up for a while, but now, her bosses decided that she has to have it removed. The 27-year-old has no plans to get rid of it, however, and is speaking out about the unjust demand at the hands of her boss.


“It's just a little heart you can cover it up with your thumb,” said Kayla. “It's a little heart. It's not offensive to anybody. Now, I am being told after five years of having this tattoo being hired in that I have to get rid of it or resign from my job."

A statement from the global corporate communications manager for Starbucks makes clear the company’s policy with tattoos.

“Out of respect for our partners', who we refer to as our employees, privacy we do not discuss individual employee details,” reads the statement. “I can tell you that our tattoo policy states that partners cannot have visible tattoos. This is part of our dress code policy and is discussed with our candidates during the interview process."

So far, Kayla has yet to be fired, but it appears as though her bosses aren’t backing down and will likely let her go once the 30-day period is up.


Can't Grow A Beard? Facial Hair Implants New Rage

Jul 16, 2014 -- 5:13pm


It’s shear madness! Brooklyn’s hipster beard craze has grown so popular that men in New York are rushing to doctors for “facial hair transplants” — surgery that helps make beards look thicker and less patchy, sources said.

Stubble-challenged guys are forking over up to $8,500 for the beard-boosting procedure, which has spiked in popularity in recent months, plastic surgeons told The Post.

“Brooklyn is probably the nucleus of the trend, it’s the hipster ‘look’ guys want. If you have a spotty beard, and you let it grow out, it looks sloppy, ” said Dr. Jeffrey Epstein, a Midtown-based plastic surgeon.

“[Clients] want full beards because it’s a masculine look. Beards are an important male identifier,” he added.

Epstein performs two or three beard implants per week — up from just a handful each year a couple years ago, he said.

The specific hipster-inspired style — a lumberjack-meets-roadie hybrid — was made popular in neighborhoods such as Williamsburg, Bushwick and Park Slope, doctors and patients said.

One happy patient is Danny, 27, whose beard used to be so patchy, he was forced to “fill it in” with an eyebrow pencil, he said.

Two years ago, he paid $8,500 for the surgery, which he considers a fashion statement.

“I have a baby face but now I’m able to look older. My fashion statement is a little edgy, and I do like the ‘rugged look,’” he said,

He added, “It’s one of the best investments I’ve ever made.”

During the procedure, doctors remove hair from other body parts, including the head and chest, before implanting it in the face.

New beards grow back normally and can be shaved.

The hair-raising trend is also popular with female-to-male transgenders, Hasidic Jews, and guys who simply aren’t very hairy, doctors said.

“It’s the style. It’s just more common now to see scruff than 10 years ago,” said Dr. Yael Halaas, a Midtown plastic surgeon who performs the procedure.

“We’ve been getting a lot more calls about it,” she said.

A 39-year-old New Yorker, who works in the catering industry, got a beard transplant to make him feel younger, DNAinfo.com reported.

“I had contemplated [getting a beard transplant] for approximately eight months,” he said. “Knowing the results, I wish I hadn’t wasted so much time deciding.”

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