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Watch the Pistol Annies Reunite (Again) at a Miranda Lambert Concert

Jul 18, 2016 -- 5:20pm



The Pistol Annies just can’t stay away from the stage: The country trio made up of Miranda Lambert, Ashley Monroe and Angaleena Presley performed together on Friday night (July 15), during Lambert’s Keeper of the Flame Tour stop in Rogers, Ark.

Early into her set at the Walmart AMP, Lambert welcomed Monroe and Presley to the stage to sing “Hell on Heels” and “Takin’ Pills,” both from 2011’s Hell on Heels album. Readers can press play on the video above to watch a snippet of their performance of “Hell on Heels.”

The Annies have been known to show up at Lambert’s shows: In October of 2015, they performed together at an Augusta, Ga., stop on Lambert’s Roadside Bars and Pink Guitars Tour; however, they haven’t released any new music since their sophomore disc, Annie Up, in 2013. That June, the trio abruptly canceled all of their upcoming concerts, and rumors of a breakup began swirling, but all three artists have denied the rumors of tension among them.

“We’ve been missing each other a lot,” Monroe said in November of 2015, adding that a reunion is “definitely brewing.”

“We have a lot of song ideas going,” she said at the time. “I feel like it’s soon.”

Still, Monroe explains, they “never want to force it.”

“You know, Pistol Annies started out that it was just organic: Me and Miranda thought of it on a couch; she had never met Angaleena, and we called her and got started,” Monroe recalls. “… If we’re too busy, then don’t force it. There’ll be a time when things let up a little bit, then we’ll make more music.”
In the years since Pistol Annies’ last album, Lambert, Monroe and Presley have all released solo projects. Lambert is set to release a brand-new single, “Vice,” on Monday (July 18).


Dierks Bentley Honors Late Dog, Jake, in Concert [Watch]

Jul 18, 2016 -- 4:48pm



Dierks Bentley lost his friend of 15 years when his beloved dog, Jake, died in early July. No doubt a tough time for the singer, Bentley decided to channel his grief into a tribute to his old friend in concert.

While performing “Every Mile a Memory” during a stop on his Somewhere on a Beach Tour, Bentley paused several times to look at the screen behind him, which displayed photos of Jake. There were images of the two together, as well as Bentley’s wife with Jake and the dog seated beside an American flag.

Jake had been battling cancer at the time of his death. Bentley noticed lumps on his pal last year and put him on chemotherapy. Jake had been by his side for countless awards shows and events throughout his career, even attending the recent opening of Bentley’s Country Music Hall of Fame exhibit.

“Jake’s been with me through every phase of my career, since before I had a publishing deal … before I even had a gig, really,” Bentley told attendees at the June opening of the attraction. “When I got my first gigs downtown, he’d be waiting there in the windowsill. He actually wore out a little spot in the couch where he’d wait for me. I’d come home real late, and he’d be there sitting in the window, putting in his time. Those were his years of grinding, sitting in the window waiting for me.”
A song on Bentley’s new Black album is dedicated to Jake. The final verse of “Can’t Be Replaced” goes:

“For 15 years, right by my side / From a single man to three kids and a wife / Friends come and go, but when it comes to Jake / There’s just some things that can’t be replaced.”


2016's Sexiest Men In Country Music

Jul 13, 2016 -- 5:01pm


Country music has no shortage of good looking country boys. Newcomers like Kane Brown are turning heads, while country’s elite — like Luke Bryan — continue to make girls go wild every night they hit the stage. These two make us melt with their music and their looks, but who is the No. 1 sexiest man in country music this year?
There’s only one way to find out who earned the 2016 top spot. Click through this gallery and enjoy 10 photos of the best looking men in country (go ahead and click through a few times, we won’t tell). Whether they’re donning high-dollar suits or simply wearing a T-shirt and jeans, these 10 men maintain their sex appeal at all times. Leather jackets really get us going, too — looking at you, Ryan! We love the music these men make, but we’re here to celebrate their hair, their eyes, those charming smiles and even a few buff bods (ahem, Sam Hunt).
You’ll find that a few gentlemen return from last year’s list, but otherwise, it’s a shakeup. We added a sexy songwriter, some newcomers and those tried-and-true hotties that we can’t get enough of year after year. Note: In addition to the obvious (their looks), this list weighs how ‘hot’ an artist’s career has been within the given year.
Happy drooling!


 No. 10: Chase Rice
Chiseled jawline? Fit physique? Chase Rice has them both to check. The singer recently retreated to his farm and came back a new (even sexier) man. We like our men with an equal mix of country and sporty, and Rice fits that mold.

No. 9: Ryan Hurd
There's nothing sexier than someone who uses words that speak to the soul. Ryan Hurd has a knack for songwriting, and we find that deeply desirable. He's got Kurt Cobain sex appeal in his 'I don't care' demeanor, and it works — hey, it nabbed Maren Morris.

No. 8: Kane Brown
There is something about country newcomer Kane Brown that draws us in ... Okay, it's those beautiful eyes. Pair them with that deep, sexy voice and you've got one of the hottest acts in country music right now and No. 8 on our Sexiest Country Men of 2016 list. It doesn't hurt that Brown knows a thing or two about singing sensual songs for the ladies. Is it hot in here, or is it just him?

No. 7: Thomas Rhett
TR is stylish and sexy, and really, is there any better combination? His scruffy good looks make him easy on the eyes and his sweet personality makes him one of the most lovable men in our genre. Have you seen the way he treats his lady?! He made our list last year and by the looks of it, he won't let go of his sexy title anytime soon.

No. 6: Chris Lane
Chris Lane's boyish good looks and unique fashion sense are what landed him on our list of the sexiest men in country music this year. We can't get our "Fix" of the handsome North Carolina native. He's relatively new to the country music scene, but we're big fans already.

No. 5: Keith Urban
When you mention model good looks and and Herbal Essences-worthy hair, only one name comes to mind: Keith Urban. His scruffy face and perfectly placed tattoos give him a slight bad boy appeal, but deep down, he's a softie. Plus, he's a lady lover with wife Nicole Kidman and two young daughters at home. His love for them is almost too much to bear. Does it get any better than Keith?

No. 4: Luke Bryan

Nobody looks better in a pair of jeans than Luke Bryan, and the way he moves in them ... well, we're done. It drives women wild. Bryan's Southern accent, perfect 



No. 3: Sam Hunt
Duh. Sam Hunt topped our Sexiest list last year, and he's back to defend his title. He's an ex-football player with a buff body that is what dreams are made of (yes, we've been looking). He's tall, dark and oh-so-handsome, but the best part? He's shy and sweet and extremely humble, which is completely unexpected. Oh, and he loves his mama!


No. 2: Jake Owen
A beach boy who can also rock a suit? Now that's sexy. Jake Owen's look has transformed over the years, and as he grows, so does his sex appeal. His shorter hair has seemingly given him a boost of confidence, and he now walks the red carpet with ease — oh, and that glittering white smile. Is there any question why he's No. 2 on our Sexiest Country Men list this year?


No. 1: Dierks Bentley
Dierks Bentley is country music's version of a Ken doll. He has gorgeous hair, eyes that appear to be windows into his soul and a charming smile. All of those make him this year's absolute sexiest country star. He reminds us of the boy-next-door, but our next door neighbors aren't quite this handsome. Hand Bentley his guitar and we melt into a puddle.


Dolly Always Flattered By Fans Who Dress Up Like Her

Jun 30, 2016 -- 4:10pm



Parton is currently on her Pure & Simple Tour in support of her album of the same name. The legend is having no problem selling tickets to her biggest U.S. and Canadian tour in over 25 years, likely because so many people look up to her.

The singer has a longstanding gay audience, and she admits she’s always flattered by the fans who dress up as her when coming to shows.

“I think it’s fun! You know, we usually have boys all dressed like me, and so when I do ‘Jolene’ and I see a bunch of drag queens out there, I start singing [to the tune of the ‘Jolene’ chorus] ‘drag queen, drag queen, drag queen! Please don’t take my man!'” she says. “I have a huge gay following, and I’m proud of them. Sometimes some of them look more like me than I do.”

Parton’s Pure & Simple Tour continues through November.


Dad recreates daughter's sexy selfies, with hilarious results

Jun 29, 2016 -- 4:09pm


Many fathers like to play pranks on their children, but not many will go far enough to mock them for all of the Internet to see.
One father though, has no problem with mocking his teenage son and daughter online, much to the enjoyment of his fans.
Chris 'Burr' Martin, from Washington, has taken to trolling his teenage kids on social media by recreating their selfies and posting his copycat photos in response to their original posts.









He even posted one pranking his son to celebrate the teenager's birthday, posing in a red t-shirt and white sunglasses.

It seems that his children aren't quite as happy with his pranks though, with Cassie taking to Twitter and Facebook to vent.
'My father harasses me on social media,' she wrote.

--- I love this dad's sense of humor. 



Kris Kristofferson TRADED Movie Trailer

Jun 08, 2016 -- 6:01pm


A father must leave his ranch for Dodge City to save his kidnapped daughter from an old enemy, putting his reputation as the fastest draw in the west to the test. Starring Trace Adkins, Michael Paré & Kris Kristofferson.

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