Bathroom Made Entirely Out of Belgian Chocolate on Sale for $133,000

Aug 20, 2014 -- 4:08pm

A decadent chocolate bathroom set that contains 12 years’ worth of calories and looks like something Willy Wonka would dream up is being sold online for more than $133,000.

A U.K.-based team of designers and chocolatiers joined forces for the 100% Belgian chocolate fixtures.

The expensive set, which includes a bidet, tub, toilet and basin, was inspired by the common confusion of “suite” and “sweet” in Web searches. “As a consequence of shoppers searching for ‘bathroom sweets’ we decided to answer their search, literally,” CEO Ian Monk said in a press release.

“Our very own exclusive chocolate bathroom suite, based on our Maderno range, was initially a bit of fun, but once we realized it was possible to actually make we knew we decided to buy and list the product.”

The full set is made up of an estimated 9.4 million calories worth of chocolate.

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