7 Things Your Husband Does That You Shouldn't Take Personally

May 29, 2014 -- 4:35pm

7 Things Your Husband Does That You Shouldn't Take Personally


1. He falls asleep during When Harry Met Sally, arguably one of the best rom-coms. What gives? You made it through all of The Rockfor him. Twice.

Most men don’t feel particularly alive during romantic comedies—they’re just not relatable enough to be interesting. Although he probably won’t admit it, the little boy inside of him secretly feels like the hero in every action movie. In a romantic comedy, not so much.

2. He’s been in the bathroom for an hour, and maybe you’re being paranoid, but you’re fairly certain that he’s hanging out in there to avoid you.

Everyone needs the occasional breather after a noisy day—and that downtime may involve sitting on the toilet reading Game of Thrones before he tackles the dishes. That doesn’t mean he’s avoiding you, just that he wants a little escape from thinking in general.

3. All of a sudden he's gotten super into exercise. Counting carbs is now his life, which is making you feel like he’s more interested in calories than you.

Sitting with someone who’s abstaining from grains while you nosh on stale Easter candy, feeling judged, can be a complete drag. Not to mention that his newfound, slightly obsessive healthy behavior has taken all the fun out of going out to dinner—even if you do, for better or for worse, get to attack the breadbasket alone.

4. Much like your little bro, the first thing he wants to do when he gets home is play Grand Theft Auto—and he’s 35.

You may not find killing virtual hookers and crashing cars relaxing, but your husband is likely using the game as a way to transition from work mode to family mode. And taking that time to unwind makes it likely that he'll be more present for you later.

5. He checks the score of the baseball game on his phone while you’re on a date.

On some level, he feels like he’s betraying his team if he’s not supporting it, at least in spirit. If you’re also a big sports fan, you’re likely able to relate. Still, you understand that alone time with your husband can be a rarity, so you may prioritize differently.

6. Your typically thoughtful husband has never forgotten your coffee order in a decade, until all of a sudden one day, he comes home with a single Starbucks—nothing for you.

Your mind may be running wild, but try not to take what was likely an innocent oversight too seriously. He was probably under a deep problem-solving trance when he ordered and just totally forgot. And let’s be honest: You’ve likely been distracted and done the same thing before.

7. After you spent hours —okay, at least an hour— cooking a nice meal, he proceeds to finish his steak in a hot second and leaves half of your perfectly roasted Brussels sprouts untouched.

I tend to overanalyze, but the surest sign of liking something is engaging with it—so take his wolfing down dinner as the compliment it is. Additionally, studies show that multitasking takes a greater toll on 

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