7 Steps For Getting Your Ex Back

Apr 28, 2014 -- 5:24pm

7 Steps For Getting Your Ex Back

Are you SURE you want her back?

It’s normal to want what you can’t have, and to be attracted to someone who rejects you. You may miss her presence during those empty spaces in your day. But none of this means she’s the right person for you.


Understand the situation

Some men who have been dumped think that if only they could just talk to her, they could work things out and get back together. This is delusional. It’s her perception of you that needs to change.  


Create space

Keep some distance from her.  Let her perception of you lose its sharpness and focus. The more time goes by, the more she’ll forget about the things she didn’t like about being with you.



Become the man she wouldn’t have broken up with.  If you know why she left you, then address those aspects of your personality.

Get better with women IN GENERAL

Most of what attracts or repels a woman is your body language, confidence, etc. If you’re still in the mindset that she’s the best you can do, then these indicators are likely to subtly but powerfully keep her away. Also, women are attracted to men who other women like.


Reinitiate Contact

Find some neutral pretext to see her – somewhere where you can “accidentally” bump into her, or “find” something of hers that she left at your place, for example.


When you see her, have fun, but don’t push for anything or talk about your previous relationship.

Everything will come down to the emotions she feels when she’s with you. 

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