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Dreaming About Sex With A celebrity? You're not alone!

Sep 09, 2013 -- 1:37pm

A new study lists the 5 most common dreams.


he average person has about SIX dreams a night.  You forget almost all of them, which is good, because they're really just your brain's way of screwing with you.



A new survey came up with the most common types of dreams we have . . . at least the ones we can remember.  Here are the top five . . .



1.  Being embarrassed in front of a crowd.


2.  Something going wrong at work.


3.  SEX DREAMS, with someone you know or a celebrity.


4.  Being naked in public.


5.  Completely nonsensical dreams.



The survey also found about two-thirds of people say their dreams regularly mess with their sleep.

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