Bradley Manning Will Sue The Army For Sex Change Hormones

Aug 23, 2013 -- 7:40am

Have you heard about this?

Bradley Manning was convicted of sharing government secrets with the press and was sentenced to 35 years in prison. He’s a traitor to the United States in the most well-defined sense of the word. Now, he wants to become a woman under the name Chelsea Manning, and the Army said, “You’re kidding, right?”

His attorney will sue the Army to get him the hormone therapy used for sex change operations. What the heck is all this? If I say something like, "what kind of freak show have we allowed the shining beacon on the hill to become?" If I say, "just shut up, stand when you pee, and do your time, you traitor!!" I’m all of the sudden a narrow-minded redneck, right?

If I said, I just don’t think God makes this type of mistake, I’m all of a sudden a right-winged, mean-spirited, religious nut case. I’M the nut-case!! Protests and demands for my removal from the air will echo through the streets and campuses of what used to be the greatest nation God, in all His infinite wisdom, ever allowed to exist.

Change is always good. Isn’t it? Of course it is!! How could I not see that? Traditions, and moral values are so old-fashioned. Why everyone can see that!?! Tolerance and acceptance of all freaky things are the only proper and modern choices. I should just shut up, and keep my silly values, my holy God, and my morals to myself. Then I’m good!! Right!?! OK!! Then let’s move on assuming God ain’t paying any attention at all. Woe be to all of if He is.

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