Aug 06, 2013 -- 9:26am


We often focus on acquiring
more possessions and more things
convinced that we can find in them
the happiness life brings.
We wear our things. We drive our things.
We trade, we sell, we buy
and yet we still feel unfulfilled
and somehow wonder why.
We believe success is stored within
what we’ve gotten, what we own
and if things surround us everywhere,
we will never be alone.
It’s true…things do
enhance our lives
but they offer only mass and weight.
No matter how we may care for them,
they cannot reciprocate!
Things cannot love.
Things cannot laugh.
Things cannot embrace or cry.
And when you’re feeling disillusioned,
things will never ask you why.
Things cannot feel.
Things cannot share.
Things don’t wake to greet the dawn.
Things cannot listen, cannot care.
Things won’t miss you when you’re gone.
It matters not how much we purchase
or how deeply go in debt,
the thing that we want most of all
is the thing we cannot get…
For if we’re rich or if we’re poor,
we cannot buy more time to spend
the precious hours we are blessed with
from the beginning to the end.
We should focus less upon
all the things we've got
and bought
because they will still be standing here
long after we are not.

Linda Ellis
Copyright 2013

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