Zimmerman Trial

Jul 18, 2013 -- 2:19pm

Zimmerman Trial

Aired on: 18-Jul-13
Now that I’ve listened to all the talking heads in every corner of the media, I will make my observation
about the George Zimmerman Trial and the death of Trayvon Martin. My take is a little different from
First, there are riots in parts of the country over the death of a single 17 year old in Sanford, Florida. The
Reverends Jackson and Sharpton have weighted in, organized marches and protests. The death of Trayvon
Martin was tragic, regrettable and probably preventable. The jury, though, has made its decision. Having
been on a jury, albeit a one day endeavor, I do understand the process. The prosecution did not prove its
case, end of story.
However, the intervention of the above mentioned Reverends brings to light a bigger tragedy, nay a
travesty, which they and the media refuse to acknowledge.
Since February 2012 when the Zimmerman/Martin incident occurred, well over 500 people have been
murdered in the Chicago area. The majority of them young black males. By young, I am speaking under
30 years of age.
While the trial was ongoing, during the seven day period of July 2nd through July 8th the following
occurred in Chicago:
19 murders (the majority by gunshot)
16 of the 19 murdered were black males
13 of the 16 murdered males were under age 30
2 of the murdered males were 19
1 of the murdered males was 15
1 of the murdered males was 14
The 14 year old was not being followed by anyone; he was simply riding his bike in the wrong place.
The Reverends Jackson and Sharpton need to remember justice, like charity, begins at home. There is
nothing reverential in ignoring the above list along with the 500 plus others in order to hop the first plane
to Florida and organize protest before all the facts are known.
While Reverend Sharpton is not from Chicago, I’m sure his assistance would be welcomed by Reverend
Our media in general, and N.Y. Times specifically, do not do any favors for race relations in this country
by inventing new terms such as White-Hispanic, just to fan the flames and sell newspapers.
The real travesty in all this is dumping so much airtime and energy into this case while turning a blindeye
to the bigger problem, for where is the justice for those 19 murdered. Where is the justice for the two
19 year olds, the 15 year old or the 14 year old? Who marches for them?
One of the most basic of Civil Rights is the right to life. Theirs has been stolen from them. The killing of
children and slaughter of young men should not be ignored and considered less important than the death
of a single individual simply because it doesn’t fit our agenda, fill your pocket or who pulled the trigger.

-Harmon Snipes

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