Paula Deen

Jun 26, 2013 -- 9:13am

Aired on: 26-Jun-13
Dear Tammy P.

Of course, I’m well aware and welcoming of the black people in the radio audience.

I’d welcome blue people too, if we found any smurfs that happened to be country music fans.

That doesn’t change my personal opinion though.

Over the ages, things have changed in all our lives. Folks said things they don’t say any longer. They think things they probably don’t think any longer.

That’s progress. Don’t you agree?

That said, I was joking about playing Paula Deen in a movie, (the way Robin Williams played Mrs Doubtfire) but I do agree with Al Sharpton on this.

We need to get over the Paula Deen business.

We should all accept her apology, and move on to more important matters. That’s about as “real” as I can be, Tammy.

Thank you for listening. I’d love to break bread with you some day.

God bless America, and God bless Americans of every hue & pigment.

Yeah baby,


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