5 Home Remedies For Sunburn

Jun 19, 2013 -- 5:42pm

5 Home Remedies For Sunburn from theactivetimes.com

Tea Time, Anyone? Don’t throw out the tea bag when making a cup of tea. Black tea contains the antioxidant tannic acid, which helps heal your burned skin and decrease redness. Chill the bag before bringing it in contact with your sunburn and rub it on the skin. The antioxidants in tea should help skin recover

Cucumber Slices to Cool You Down Cucumbers are for more than just your eyes at the spa. Applying some slices to your sunburn helps cool the skin, especially if the cucumber was chilled before being sliced. Anything cool or wet will provide that feeling of "ahhh" when applied to sunburned skin.

Milk Anyone? Cold compresses can also be soaked in milk to help afflicted skin feel less painful or itchy. One home remedy is cold milk compresses: milk in a bowl with ice cubes, soak washcloth and lay it over [the] painful or itchy area of skin.

A Yogurt Balm Those little containers of fermented milk in the fridge can help skin. Yogurt is healing and soothing when applied cool to the skin. Regular or Greek doesn't matter here.

Potatoes, Grated or Sliced Applying potato to the skin is an old remedy to treat sunburn. A cold potato will draw heat from the skin, and the potato and peel itself are purported to help prevent infection if the skin is broken.

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