I Want Their America

May 03, 2013 -- 10:14am

I know that I am only 31 years old and perhaps what I am about to say seems trivial, even ignorant to some, but I will say it just the same.

I want their America…

The one I see on Andy Griffith, where the town is a family, where the nights are filled with open windows of crisp breeze without fear of someone coming in to take your children, your security, or your life.

I want the America I hear old timers talk about, when a man’s word was as strong as oak, when Daddies and Mama’s were training up children to treat their elders with respect because those children were the responsibility of those parents, when it didn’t take a village to raise a child, but it took two parents who cared enough to invest in the future by investing in their children.

I want the America that upheld the law…not political correctness. The America where we don’t defend the Second Amendment because we know that the Second Amendment defends us. The America where murder was called murder, not planned parenthood, elective abortions, or the day after pill. The America where the Pledge of Allegiance would bring a tear to your eye. The America that respected the REAL Hero’s, our men and women in serving in the military, more than the athlete whose morally compromised lifestyle put him on the cover of every magazine at the newsstand. The America that not only included God in their dealings, but relied on God to uphold the Greatest Nation On Earth.

So maybe I naïve, I’m ok with that. Maybe these two little girls my husband and I are raising will have training ingrained in them that would cause them to be looked at a little differently, I’m ok with that. Maybe I made some people very angry that I have this opinion of the country that I pray for EACH AND EVERY day, I am super ok with that. But maybe, just maybe, there are more people in this Land of The Free and Home of The Brave who are as tired as I am of the condition of this nation and will too say, “I want their America…”

Together we pray, Shelli Kay Maddox Colbert, Georgia

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