An Email from James Gregory

Mar 25, 2013 -- 9:46am

I grew up in a house with lead paint and an asbestos ceiling. A house with no central heat or air. As a teenager, I drove cars with no seat belts and pumped leaded gas. I grew up in a home full of guns. My dad had a shotgun, a rifle and a handgun. When I was sixteen, I got a rifle and ammo. When I was a kid, there were no metal detectors or police cars on school property. I guess I should be dead, but I'm not!
I grew up in a time with no internet, no computers, no cell phones, no texting and no email. When I was in school, we were not allowed to use a calculator in class. And, of course, we couldn't "Google" anything. I should be ignorant, but I'm not!
As a kid, I ate white bread with hot dogs, hamburgers and baloney sandwiches. I had french fries and fried chicken. I drank whole milk, sweet tea and sodas. Every dessert my mother made included real butter and real sugar. And we took it to school and shared it with the teacher. I should weigh four hundred pounds, but I don't!
When I was growing up, I had no designer clothes or expensive sneakers. I wasn't the best looking or the smartest guy in school. I was not an athlete. I didn't play football. But when we did play games, we kept score. And often times, my team was the loser. I should have self-esteem issues, but I don't! My mother was not a soccer mom. My mother had no concern about the playground. Her concern was my homework.
I didn't go to college. I don't know what an SAT score is. I don't know what my IQ is. I should be a failure, but I'm not! Virtually every week of his life, my dad went to work or went out looking for work. I am my father's son.
One generation ago the government was fighting the Cold War. Now they're fighting Slurpees and Happy Meals. One generation ago school teachers were teachers. Now they're babysitters. A generation ago our friends were on the porch. Now they're on Facebook. A generation ago our neighbors were outside in the yard. Now they're inside online.
Recently, there was a poll/survey showing that the majority of young people between the ages of 18-25 are not as happy as previous generations. Wonder why? What's wrong with that picture?
I know - and you know - what's wrong. Political correctness and sensitivity has rendered common sense obsolete! I'm not against change - after all, you are receiving this via email. Maybe since I'm older, I should be out of touch. But I'm not!
Until next time,
God bless everybody and God bless America!

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