Who Has Changed My Life for Bro Bill Barton

Mar 13, 2013 -- 4:45pm

   This man is a man of God who was called to preach the work of God. He was a man many loved and a man who loved many. His life was about the word of God always. He lived in Van Cleave, Mississippi right across the road from my mother and daddy. I knew him most of my life. He worked with men and women who were drunks. People who most would have given up on, but not Bro Bill. He loved these men and women and always believed in them. He built a place for them to stay and work on getting there life on track. This Place was and still is The Home Of Grace. In Van Cleave, Mississippi. It is still taught by Bro Bill's sons. He put in his sons to love God and give to others what was given to them. Bro Bill is part of the reason I gave my life back to The Lord many years ago.

Bro. Bill was a man who gave of his time and money because that was just the way HE WAS. He said The Best Is Yet To Come. I so look forward to seeing this Man of God in Heaven some day. I know he is still working for the Lord, even now. He was not a man who would judge you, but show you the way the Lord would have you live your life. He always prayed and asked God what he wanted him to do about all things. Bro. Bill preached all over Jackson County Mississippi and other places also. But I think the place he made the most change in hearts was in Wade, Mississippi, when he was pastor of Wade, Baptist Church. This Church always was a good church but under Bro. Bill it became a mighty church for the Lord. Bro. Bill Barton has left this world for Heaven but has left me and many others much better men and women because he was a part of our lives for however long we knew him.

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