Cry Me A Pizza

Feb 05, 2013 -- 5:38pm

Cry Me A Pizza
In Helena, Montana, 35-year-old David Randall Lacey allegedly entered a Papa John's pizza restaurant donning a bandanna over his face and gave the clerk a note demanding money. However then he broke down in tears and told the clerk he needed the money to support his wife and children, who were hungry. Rather than call police, the clerk took sympathy on Lacey and made him a free large pepperoni pizza with some chicken wings to help feed is family. However, when The Independent Record caught wind of the story they did a little investigating and discovered that Lacey has no children in Helena and only changed his story when he saw how little money was in the cash register - just $24.56, according to a police report. Police picked Lacey up and the clerk picked him out of a lineup. Lacey was then arrested on suspicion of felony robbery.

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