Gracie's Pink Feather

Jan 22, 2013 -- 4:07pm

Gracie's Pink Feather

Aired on: 22-Jan-13


Gracie’s little pink feather in her hair… She got it when she got her last hair cut.

Only supposed to stay for a week or two, but this one really hung in there.

Came out while she was in the shower yesterday. It’s been there for MONTHS.

When I came down the hall, she was holding it in her hand and crying.

She hadn’t even started drying off. Her towel was still folded on the floor.

Then I noticed, she was mad at ME!! Somehow, this was MY fault. Okay, whatever. I blew it off and put her ribbon by her sink and went downstairs to tie up some loose ends and wait on her mama.

On the computer for a few minutes and it HIT me. She wasn’t REALLY mad at ME. She was mad at that pink feather. She LOVED it and it had fallen out. Her little heart was broken.

I left email and show prep and went back up to her. I could hear her still sniffling. She was wrapped in her big ol’ fluffy pink towel and I asked her if I could have just a minute with her before she picked out her pajamas.

We had an “I’m sorry, Daddy understands,” talk.

It was a beautiful thing.

Me and her, hugging and crying over a little pink feather that broke my baby’s heart.

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