Nov 02, 2012 -- 4:58pm

According to Cosmopolitan, some things uttered can be held against you:

  • You say: "I don't care about that dog," referring to the pooch you bought together. The law says: If you don't have a prior agreement as to who will get the dog if you split, your ex can use your words as evidence to prove that he should.
  • You say: "My deepest, darkest secret? At 17, I was arrested for stealing." The law says: If your ex is missing $500 and pins it on you, he's out of luck. Someone's past does not create the grounds for a lawsuit.
  • You say: "Honey, here's my ATM card and PIN. Use it to pay for our trip." The law says: If your ex uses the info to buy anything other than the vacation, you can have him charged with a criminal offense.
  • You say (to 10 of your closest friends): "Matt has the smallest ***** I've ever seen." The law says: If he finds out that you've been making fun of his manhood -- and can prove that you've exposed him to ridicule with your remarks -- your ex can sue you for slander.
  • You say: "Don't worry, I'll help pay your bills until you find a better job." The law says: A financial promise like this is not binding in court unless he makes a promise in return, but watch what you agree to.
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