Littlejohn Prayers

Oct 08, 2012 -- 10:19am

Dear Moby,

My husband, Wesley, is a huge fan of yours and listens to you every morning from his patrol car or while taking our daughter to school. He is a deputy at Habersham County Sheriff’s Office and has been serving his community for 14 years. Wesley was in Iraq for a year serving as an International Peace Officer teaching Iraqi police officers tactics, safety, and SWAT. A couple of weeks ago, on September 24, our lives changed forever. Wesley, who is 34 years old, was diagnosed with kidney cancer. It was like a punch in the gut. He has not been feeling well for over a year now but has continued to get up and go to work, serving his community and providing for his family.
Wesley and I have been married for almost 14 years and we have two precious girls, Macey who is 12 and malin who is 9 months. God couldn’t have given me a more perfect life partner and gave our two girls the BEST daddy He ever made. Wesley is a servant. He serves our community, the nation, the world, but most importantly, his family. Today I am asking for your prayers. We have been blessed with an incredible support system from our family, friends, and the community but every prayer is heard and the more, the better. Wesley is scheduled for surgery at Emory in November so if you can please mention him in your prayers. I continually ask for God’s grace, love, peace, and comfort in his body and our lives. Thank you for your outstanding support for police officers and your public acknowledgement of their tireless duty and sacrifice on a daily basis. He is a hero, not because of his job, not because of the cancer, but because he is OURS.

With love and respect, Leah Littlejohn

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