Ms. Jean Sellars

Oct 02, 2012 -- 10:05am

Dear Moby, I have been teaching high school for 24 years. One of the classes that I teach with a passion is American Government. As usual, election years are the best for this subject! I am not permitted to let the students know how I would vote so it’s always fun to play the devil’s advocate both ways and keep them confused! I listen to your show each morning as I drive to work. If you would, I would like for you to share the following thoughts on Small Town Soap Box.
After listening to the Republicans blame the Democrats and vice versa for the poor state our economy is in, I feel the truth needs to be told…
The failing economy is our fault…the end of the Baby Boom Generation is totally to blame for our sad state of affairs. We became too greedy and did not heed the lessons we were taught by our parents, members of the GREATEST GENERATION. They fought and sacrificed for our freedom and that of the world in the 1940s. They worked hard, saved their money and lived well within their means in the 1950s. Those born at the beginning of our era followed in Mama and Daddy’s footsteps and lived right. Those of us born in the early 1960s were not as smart. We grew up in a world that glorified psychedelic drugs, belittled our troops in Vietnam, and promoted materialism. They dangled the materialistic carrot in front of us in the form of credit cards with tantalizing promises of being able to live above our means. We were tempted with loans for homes much bigger than our salaries could afford. Ignoring the example set by our parents, we snapped at that hook baited with materialism and were easily reeled in to a level of debt we could not afford. Just like those who made the same mistake in the 1920s that led to the Stock Market Crash, we have now crashed. The sad thing is, we are blaming everyone but ourselves. Our grandparents did without, and would take any job they could to provide for their families. They never once said a job was too menial or didn’t pay enough. Once they made it through the depression, our grandparents and parents sacrificed again – living on rationed gas, food, and various clothing items – to win the war for freedom. Have we sacrificed? Not really, we have people who don’t work because they can actually make more money drawing unemployment than they could by taking any job they could find. Those credit cards have been either played one for another trying to bundle up for lower interest rates or bankrupted against. What about those big homes we bought? We let them go back to the bank causing home values and tax bases to drop. This is creating budget deficits that are impacting the next generation because of cuts to education. You know what else? We keep electing anyone who promises to get us out of the situation we got ourselves into. It doesn’t matter if they are a Republican or a Democrat, we will elect them if they promise we won’t have to pay for the consequences of our actions. Folks, it’s time for us to quit blaming the Republicans and the Democrats, the finance companies and the credit card agencies. We set the example – a bad example – and now it’s time for us to ‘man up’, shut up, accept the blame and go back to the hard work, living within our means, and saving example set by our parents and grandparents. We got too big for our britches and we have been taken down. Let’s quit supporting those who think debt is a good thing. Let’s suck it up, and honestly pay our way out of this mess. May God’s hand guide us and bless us. As always, May God bless the U.S.A.! Thanks Moby! Have a great day! Jean H. Sellers Social Studies Woodstock High School

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