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Four Ways You're Grilling Burgers Wrong

Sep 02, 2015 -- 3:09pm


Labor Day weekend is coming up, so here's a list that might help you on the grill.  It's four ways you might be cooking burgers wrong . . .



1.  Don't use burgers with too much fat.  Ground beef with a higher percentage of fat is usually cheaper.  That's okay if you're cooking burgers on the stove, but when fat drips on the grill, you get flare-ups.  And you might burn the outside of the burgers while they're still raw inside.



2.  Don't season them too soon.  Putting salt on ground beef draws out the moisture, so you end up with dry burgers.  Especially if you use too much, or do it too soon.  So don't season the meat until RIGHT before you put it on the grill.



3.  Don't cut into them to see how well they're done.  If you need to get a general idea of how well they're cooked, do it with ONE of them.  But then YOU should eat that burger, because it'll be drier than the rest of them are.



If you need to cut into more than one burger to make sure they're not raw . . . someone else should probably be working the grill.



4.  Don't let the buns get soggy.  It happens if you make a bunch of burgers at the same time, and immediately put them on buns for people.  If you want to do it that way, the trick is to put the slice of cheese UNDER the burger, so it protects the bun from all the juices. 




Lee Brice Will Perform In Every Single State in 2015 Including Rome Georgia!

Aug 31, 2015 -- 4:51pm

LEE BRICE is doing something this year that artists seldom accomplish.  Or even try.  He's planning to perform in every single U.S. state. He will hit #50 at his show in Rome, Georgia at the Brewhouse Music and Grill on November 15th. Tickets go on sell for the Rome Ga. show this Friday September 4th....10am at the Brewhouse Music and Grill in downtown Rome or online at romebrewhouse.com!


This isn't something he set out to do.  His production manager recently pointed out that he was only a handful of states away from covering all 50, and that it's not something that happens often.  Lee decided he couldn't pass it up.



He explains, quote, "I said, 'Well, we're doing it.'  So we found out the states we had left, booked the shows, some of them in small clubs, and made it happen because I had to be able to say I did it."



He adds, quote, "To get to say we played all 50 states in one year.  We're proud to be able to say we did that for the fans and for ourselves


The Top Seven Things That Make a Woman Feel Loved

Aug 25, 2015 -- 6:18pm



Here are the top seven things that make a woman feel loved . . .


1.  Cooking for her.


2.  Giving her a compliment.


3.  Doing the dishes.


4.  Offering to get the groceries.


5.  Buying her a random gift.


6.  Taking her on a surprise weekend trip.


7.  Carrying her bags. 




Luke Bryan Makes a House Call to Surprise Special Fan

Aug 19, 2015 -- 5:26pm

Luke Bryan recently surprised a superfan at her house for an episode of the now-canceled FOX show Knock Knock Live. The singer found out thatLisa Hayes donated a kidney to her mother in January of last year, and so he wanted to offer the selfless woman a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Bryan knocked at her door and took her and her family on his tour bus, gave them a private acoustic performance on the bus, Facetimed with Hayes' friends and family, and personally delivered her to the venue where she was given a backstage tour and handed front row tickets, in addition to taking numerous pictures with the superstar.

Bryan's new Kill the Lights album debuted at Number One on the Billboard all-genre 200 and Country Albums charts.

His Kick The Dust Up tour stops at Atlanta's Philips Arena for a two-night stand on Friday (August 21st) and Saturday (August 22nd).


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